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Blooming Impression


In this project, I tried to use code to mimic the action of the kaleidoscope by using Monet’s paintings as sources. My goal is to present a traditional painting in a different way. By using kaleidoscope, I want to transform images from static status into moving pattern.

Kaleidoscope can be seen as moving tiles and texture design, bringing new combination of colors and shapes, which inherit but differentiate from the original view. Considering this special property of Kaleidescope, Monet’s painting is a very ideal option due to its emphasis on rich depiction of light in its changing qualities.

Claude Monet is my favorite artist in French Impressionist. He was the most consistent and prolific practitioner of the movement's philosophy of expressing one's perceptions before nature, especially as applied to plein air landscape painting. Specifically, I like his combination of color and how he use color to sculpt landscapes. He built subtle relationships between warm and cold colors. I always impressed by his beautiful and deluxe colors which could be varies and detailed through every painting. I think it is interesting to use kaleidoscope to divided his painting into small pieces and then mirrored or reflected into a new moving art work.

For the technical part,  I use noise() function to move smoothly and slowly through the painting by capturing small tiles in the painting, and then mirrored the tile, and update velocity and position. This work combines the topics of Tile Graphics, Noise, Pixel Data and Animation that we learned about in this class.
这个作品我用编程模仿万花筒的方式去展 现莫奈的绘画作品。通过这个作品我希望 去赋予一个传统绘画新的生命,用一种动态的角度去看待一个细节与色彩丰富的静 态的艺术作品。

这些图片全部为视频的截图,视频的移动 和变化是通过移动原作并赋予万花筒的效 果并复制叠加而成。

Impression, Sunrise 1872

Sea-Roses (Yellow Nirwana), after 1916

The Banks Of The Seine At Port Villez  


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