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Cocooned    “囚”


Cocooned is a duration 21 days performance.

I have worn a "cocoon" that I knitted by myself for 21 Days, including eating, transportation, traveling, attending class and sleeping. I forbid to speak during these days; instead I wrote or use devices’ system voice instead. I need to write in my diary every day about how my perception of myself changes, how my communication with others changes, and events in my immediate experience. The performance began on Apr.16 2019 12:00 pm and continue until May 7, 2019 12:00 pm.

I want to explore: How could it change the limit and shape my body? How could this form alter my perception of this world? How could this form alter the communication between me and others? What will I learn from 21 Days about the way of “living”?


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