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A research studies of thousands of people who have lost the use of their hands and have had to learn to write with the pen in their mouths or between their toes show that they eventually produce their own unique “handwriting,” the same handwriting they had when they could use their hands. The point is it’s not the hand or mouth or toes that decide which way we will slant our writing or how big we will write. Those decisions actually come from our brains. So when we produce any graphic movement such as handwriting, we are actually “brain-writing” and leaving our “brain prints” behind on the paper.

In terms of the research from handwriting and self-portrait, I want to do a project which could show the distinguish of face-drawings by different people and how these distinguishes could build by a content together to show the identity of the whole human-beings. This drawing from each person could partly be seen as self-portraits which have their facial features, facial expressions, movements and the paths which are their identities through their drawings. Also through the process of each individuals drawing, I want to build a connection between present and future by the way of gazing.

一项研究测试了上千个人多年没有用双手 写字而用他们的脚趾或嘴写字最终都发展 出了自己特殊的笔迹字体,并且这种笔迹 和他们用手写的几乎相同。所以笔迹其实 不取决于人是用哪个部位来书写,而是来 源于他们的思维。所以笔迹实际上是人们把他们的由脑支配的笔迹留在了纸上。

基于对人的笔迹和对艺术家自画像的研究,我的作品是想为人们创造了一种特殊的形象符号,这种形象符号是由他们的五官特点,表情,面部移动轨迹,以及他们 的思维笔迹组成的。

这个作品是一个互动式的网页,互动者用脸 写一个形容自己的词,之后可以下载,或上传回网页。网页会展示来自不同国家不同肤 色不同性格的人的不同的“脸书”。


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