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Future Language 1.0



This is the final work that I made during Parsons’ Bootcamp by using mathematical sin and cos knowledge and coding in Processing. I was inspired by a movie called “Arrival” which talked about an alien came to the earth bring a language system which may change human though in order to change the order of time ( In the movie, they believe Language could completely limits the possibility of the development of human thought). The system of the language abandon the order and time so that people could shuttle in the time. Through the movie sentenses or paragraphs are represented beside a circle. 

As I am very interested in language. I was thinking could our current language in reading tranform to none-liner order? What will the consequence of that?

The result of my work changes English to be a more visualized result. Words or sentenses become a “one” visualized piece which may bring English with sensual and aesthetic purpose.

这个作品的灵感主要来源于电影《降临》 里面提到的关于语言学的理论。这个电影 中提到的外星文字颠覆了日常化的语言,是对未来语言以及语言的形态有更实验性 的设想: 语言的系统可以除去时间和顺序 的概念,一句话甚至一段文字可以用一个 图形的变化来表现。

我思考了当下的语言文字是否也可以转 换成这种非线性并且更视觉化的方式,人们会怎样用他们来沟通?我通过编程 并运用数学上的sin和cos曲线的知识在 Processing里面完成了我的这个作品。我 把英文字母变成了更加视觉化更实验性的 结果。一个词或一段话可以变成一个视觉 图案,所以人们可以通过感性化的视觉思维记住一个图案从而记住一个词语,或者一段话。也许全球一体化的未来,语言可以完全无国界,全部变成图形化,也许变成一种更方便人们学习运用的方式存在?

I designed each letter with several dots,  pulling and twisting them, then rotated them through a circle by sin and cos curve.

After helped by Math expert, I came up with these spiro alphabet.

The first letter will follow the typing and appear in the center. Other letters will rotate outside.

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