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Future Language 2.0



This is an experimental hieroglyphic language system based on English words.

A circle divided by 26 lines. Each line represented an alphabet. Started from A, B rotated clockwise 13.85 degrees (360/26); C rotated 13.85 degrees to B. And so on. Each alphabet has a unique direction. Then in code, each time keypressed a key, drew the degrees that I set.

Linear English words end up with some hieroglyphic line graphic. Is it possible to understand a language by using our graphic thinkings?
从概念上与《未来文字1.0》是一样的, 都是寻求一种实验性的图形化语言的表达 方式,未来词语或句子或段落是否可以直 接由一个图形来表达。

这套语言系统我设置的规则是:直线从A 开始依次向右旋转13.85度到Z,就是说 每个字母有自己的方向,因此词语就可以 由不同方向的字母组成,从而一个词语变 成一个图案。


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