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This project is based on the musician Tschaikowsky’s  series of music called “Seasons”, which have 12 songs representing 12 months.

I created a color system which based on a physical phenomenon that different wavelength corresponds to the the different color in the spectrum. For example, the longest wavelength is represented by red while the shortest wavelength is represented by purple. Since sound is another form of the wave, I created a color table (right) where seven colors represent do, re, mi fa, sol, la ti, do respectively.

Moreover, I increase brightness and darkness to the original table to represent higher octave and lower octave.  Based on the stave of music,  I use the table to visualize each month (song) by a disc with small grids where each grid represents 1/4 beats.

After analyzing the output, I find a color trend for each month and hope to give a different way to express music from my unique perspective as a designer.
这个作品是基于柴可夫斯基的钢琴组曲 《四季》来做的,《四季》有12首钢琴 曲,每一首代表12个月中一个月。

我创建了一个颜色的的系统表格,基于光 谱物理上不同的颜色能够产生不同的波长 的理论。拥有最长波长的颜色是红色,最 短波长的颜色是紫色。根据这些,我创建 了一个颜色表格(右),七个音符分别由 其中的颜色依次对应。另外对于高八度音 符和低八度音符我分别增加了亮度以及加 深了暗度。所以整个钢琴键盘可以根据光 谱由全部由深到浅的颜色所表示。基于这 个系统,我把《四季》中的每一个月(每 一首钢琴曲)的每一个音符用颜色来表 达。我用一个如唱片一样的的环装的表格 把每四分之一拍的颜色根据我的颜色系统 填入。于是每一首(每一个月)产生了不 同的颜色环以及不同的颜色倾向。

我希望这个作品能够通过我的方式去重新 诠释音乐,音乐也许可以像颜色一样拥有 直观的整体的表达。

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